Ad Ref. 35294
£150 Ono
Katie Haig
South Yorkshire
Arab, Welsh Sec D, Welsh X
12 Years Old
All rounder, Companion, Hack Out
For Sale

Selling my 14.3hh gelding (would consider loan to right person over 18 years old). Prince is a 12 year (2006) old welsh section D cross Arab, who I have owned since 2007. Prince will take at least 2 - 4 weeks to settle in due to him being with me for such a long time. He has previously been out on loan for a few months but this was not the right home for prince. Prince loves attention and races to the gate when he sees you arrive. Despite this prince can be very strong to lead on the ground and will pull you if he thinks he can until he is settled. For this reason is not for a novice and needs someone confident on the ground. He walks in fine for myself and partner and a friend, but would take advantage if he though this was possible. Will hack alone or in company but 100 times better in company can be a little nervous in traffic and will want to run onto the curb if loud bikes come flying past or up from behind if he is alone. If rode regularly on the road is fine. Currently not in work. Light in the hand is only in a gag as he carries his head quite high hand this bit seams to work best for him. Also been road in a drop cheek snaffle. Prince would suit someone wanting to light hack and do pony club activities, ensuring he is not over worked. He can on the odd occasion throw a very small excitement buck in canter when with others horses if he is held back or has not rode or a long time. Prince will lunge well and lead on his bridal well. Again due to this not for a novice. Prince would also be happy to be a companion horse if he was to get attention and lived with other horses. He would NOT suit a home where he was to be kept alone. Prince loves to be in the field with other horses and would HATE to be kept separately from the others. He would best suit a home where there is more than one other horse. Prince is relaxed with other horses but can become VERY stressed when alone. Prince is stabled on a night September to may and is able to live out may-September. He has never lived out all year but with a good dry shelter and company he should be fine. He has a sway back and has a specialist who visits approx every 3-6 months to ensures all is ok when he is being rode and give him a massage, she ensure me he is fine to be rode and will do him no harm. No need to do so when not ridden, this is down to preference. Prince will travel fine, he prefers a box rather than a trailer. Usually totally fine to load and travels well. Stands well to be groomed in and out of his stable and for his rugs changed. Is 100% fine for the farrier and dose not need shoes, has good strong feet. Is still not 100% with the dentist but just likes to walk round whilst been done. Prince would best suit a rider under 10stone and over 13 years of age. Price is not important only the home. Bridal and rugs available. Any questions please ask. located in Shafton barnsley (S72)

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